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The way this site works is pretty simple. There are three ways to be part of my online community:

  • Subscribers. This option is free. Simply by entering an email address, these wonderful and attractive people get my public posts right in their email inboxes, then can come here to comment on them and discuss with me and other like-minded folks. Note that this is NOT THE SAME as being on any other of my email lists. Unless you’re specifically subscribed to this site, you’ll miss a lot of what I do.

  • Members. For just $9 a month (less than you probably spend at Starbucks), these fine folks get my entire Creator Diary series, members-only posts, and the ability to ask questions for me to answer in future Creator Diary entries.

  • Unicorns. These folks get all the Johnny they can handle, including exclusive stuff and close interaction with me.

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So you want to know more about being a Unicorn …

What exactly do you get in addition to the Creator Diary, extra posts, and Q&A?

The answer will evolve over time as we hang out more and more together (as you tell me what you like most and want more of), but here’s what Unicorns get as of now:

  • Sneak peeks at my work in progress. I’m not shy about sharing work that I’m still working on, likely in rough draft. I’m not going to share everything, but I’ll show you plenty that other writers would never show. I write a lot, so there’s plenty here to share.

  • Such sneak peeks will often include early previews of new releases. Contract restrictions prohibit me from giving you entire books, but I can usually give you at least a handful of chapters in advance.

  • Live chats and Q&As with me. From time to time, I’ll open a live chat or another form of live discussion, and we can bullshit about whatever you want.

  • On-site (and maybe on-set) bonus videos. As I write this, I’m planning a trip to the set of Reginald the Vampire, the SyFy Network TV show adapted from my Fat Vampire novels. I’ll stream some behind-the-scenes stuff from there, as done example. As I travel more and more of my TV/film projects begin, I’ll share from there, too … as well as any other interesting stuff that I think you might be interested in.

  • Other BTS stuff and live interactions to be decided, by all of us as a group. I need your ideas and your feedback! I have a few ideas in mind that might be interesting, but you’ll have to tell me if YOU think they’re interesting. One is the occasional live “movie watch-along,” where we could all watch a movie together in our separate homes, but have a chat going at the same time to discuss the story … and, probably, how I plan to steal elements from it for my books. Another idea is where I might write fresh prose (or edit an existing chapter) on video so you can see how I work. It might be interesting for me to explain a bit of how I think in those situations, or it might be incredibly boring. (That’s why we have to figure it out together.)

  • Beyond that, I’m open to suggestions! One of the main reasons I started this site was because I missed interacting with people.

If all of that sounds like stuff you’d like (in addition to what you get at the base paid-membership level), then maybe becoming a Unicorn is for you. If it is, click the button below to upgrade:

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Please note that unfortunately, you have to pay for the full year in advance to become a Unicorn. I’m sorry about that. I want to charge $25/month, but the platform doesn’t let me do that right now.

If that sounds good to you, let’s do this thing! Just click the big blue button above and join me in Unicornery!