The Clockwork Unicorn's Essential Reading

Apr 6, 2023

There’s so much stuff here, I thought it made sense to create a page of all the most noteworthy content this site has to offer.

Fat Vampire to Reginald the Vampire: The journey so far

What it's like having your book made into a TV show: the complete story from A to Z

Story is the Most Important Thing In the World.

I didn’t want to launch a website again. In the end, I felt I had to.

The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You

Your hesitations, fears, and even your problems are no big deal to the universe. But that's not a good thing. It's the ultimate freedom.

How I’m building a quieter mind

Discovering the beauty of unplugging, tuning out, and going silent for a while.


We strive for life's comfortable middle, but the best parts are often on its edges.


Rules, conventions, and expectations are arbitrary. You can — and should — make up your own damn mind.

How To Live Forever

It's the end of lives that make them matter. The trick is to seize that meaning now.

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