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There are no words to describe the final shocking revelation in this episode. So I won't try.

There is one person whom Jon might have considered when he was talking about inspiring disabled people and their relationships: Sir Stephen Hawking. The main difference is that he wasn't disabled until early adulthood. But eventually he was bereft of everything, even his own voice. When Jane married Stephen, they believed he had only two years to live. They were together for 25 years, and had three children. A year after their divorce, he remarried, this time to his carer. Stephen is celebrated for his intellect but it would have been interesting to hear about his emotional life in a similar series of interviews. I suspect he shared Jon's tenacity and courage.

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Wow. This impossible sequence of events challenging love, vulnerability, courage, control, powerlessness, safety and danger...all add up to a great movie. They gotta, 'cause you just can't make this stuff up. You named this series perfectly.

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Anyone who has experienced love finds out that by risking vulnerability and connection opens the door to the risk of being hurt. But it's what happens after being hurt that proves our courage: to risk loving again. Jon has shown us that he truly followed his core value of living courageously up to this point. Can't wait to hear the next segment.

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