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Commenter Francisco raises an interesting point, that Jon sometimes comes off as a narcissist. That had occurred to me too. I don't think a person could survive the constraints imposed by his physical limitations without a dose of narcissism. It's the source of Jon's need to control and self-determination that's made his outstanding success possible.

What makes so Jon extraordinary is that he's worked to overcome that narcissism. Generally, NPD is regarded as untreatable. Mainly because true narcissists don't think there's anything wrong with them. They don't care about other people. And they're incapable of honesty, with themselves and with others.

Jon has strived to develop empathy so he can form loving relationships. And in the end endured very challenging therapy to release his need for control. His brutal honesty is incredible. He knows that he can manipulate people but chooses not to. Having had first-hand experience of more than one narcissist, I find that mind-blowingly awesome. Impossible even!

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Great to hear how Jon was able move forward after the last podcast! I'll be very interested in reading the book. Listening to this podcast brought certain questions to mind that weren't answered in this overview. Hopefully, the book will address them.

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As someone who has taken Jon's blogging course and read a lot of his copy, I'll say a few things:

1. Jon's blogging program was a bit of a letdown. He promised continuous support via bi-weekly calls, then bailed out to start another program.

2. Jon's story is extremely inspirational.

3. I admire his honesty, even if he sometimes comes off as a douche and a narcissist.

4. Strangely, something about Jon is a little scary. It's probably a combination of mysteriousness, intelligence, and brutal honesty.

5. I admire Jon and would like to have a convo with him.

Francisco, Ruletheempire.org

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