If the world was burning but I had a paper and pen, I’d still be writing. Because I’m a writer. Because that’s what writers do.

I felt that deep in my shondos.

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I as F - LOL! I can be succinct. My training and expertise is in communication. The acts of communication are speaking and listening. Speaking is weak if there is no listening. (Just look to our politicians.)If I apply that model to Art or Creation, there is the making of the art and the receiving (listening, looking, absorbing, etc)of the art. Is there art if no one 'sees' it? Well the artist always is also a receiver, but is the creation bigger with more receivers? I will stick to being in the question for now. My knee-jerk is to have an answer and I think I will think on it more. Thanks for the inspiration. L

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Yessir. Preshate U on this. I wood still WRITE, too. Cuz mah WRITING is FIGHTING against da CYSTEM best I kan as a Man. So yeah. Im glad u said it like dat. Sumbody asking WHY i write is like asking me Why i BREATHE?? Cuz its how I survive-Muthafucka!!

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Thanks JBT-(I really wish my initials were LOL) I concur. I did both, although the singing is in the past. And there was a difference when the audience was drunken brawlers in a dive bar, and the audience was dancing at the local college...I don't go for the fool my/yourself part. I'm a stand that expression makes a difference. I'd say that you are too. Thanks for the thought-provoking. LDW/LDR

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You know what I keep thinking about recently

Star Trek: TNG

300 years in the future

and not one fucking writer

not one in sight

and no money

a future where I have no idea

what to do with myself everyday


It still looked like a pretty alright

time to be alive

And that’s a lie,

I know what I’d do

I’d write anyhow

I’d stare into the space

on the other side of the glass

try not to piss myself

and write

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Well, I’m certainly Inspired As Fuck now. Thank you.

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And it’s absolutely fair enough that your art also serves you. For creative souls, art is necessity for living - so reminding yourself via your writing is also cool.

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I love you reminding us that the point of creating art is... to create art! Of course it’s nice if someone else likes it, but that’s not the point of doing it. I can’t not draw. I get really uncomfortable if I’m not able to, to the point of always carrying pencils and a little notebook in my handbag to draw - or write, as the case may be. For me, I can partly justify my compulsion to draw by the fact that it’s important to keep the skills up, but that’s true of any art form. Years and years ago, I used to play the guitar. I haven’t practiced for perhaps the last twenty years, and, surprise surprise, I can’t knock out tunes and pieces like I used to. But I still love the guitar. I suppose the point is that it’s essential to love what you’re creating, or to love the act of creating, because that’s a lot more than half of the process. But thanks for reminding us that the point of art is just to be art: nice.

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