I overdid the technical and physics explanations of stuff in my first scifi novels because it was all knowledge I had from years of study. I mean, I MUST use it.

But not really. It was only ever important that I knew it, so I could lend color and detail where it made the most sense and helped the story move.

Write the story. Make the magic and the mad science normal, even mundane. That makes your world feel real to the reader.

And if you still want to geek out about how it all works, write an essay to include as some bonus content in the back of the book. The readers who love that stuff will geek out with you. The rest will stop when the story ends.

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Anutha great INSITE, mayne. I cant fuck wit novels bogged down in explaining/describing all the DEETS. Espionage books really got this bad. I read a book one time and the author described a PLANE so good I was able to FLY da Muthafucka after reading it. NO. I dont want that much Detail. Keep the Story (and the Party) going instead.

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