Apr 15 • 4M

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Let's kick this bloody bash off with a quick intro by your humble host

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Johnny B. Truant
In this official companion to SyFy's quirky "Reginald the Vampire," host Johnny B. Truant (author of the "Fat Vampire" novels on which the show is based) breaks down each episode along with Reginald's cast and creators. Join us for an insider's look into the show (including behind-the-scenes secrets and on-set shenanigans) while Johnny and guests discuss each week's twists and turns.
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In this brief introductory episode, host Johnny B. Truant (author of the Fat Vampire book series, on which SyFy’s Reginald the Vampire TV show is based) explains what the podcast will be about and names just a few of the show’s upcoming guests: notably creator and showrunner Harley Peyton, cast members Jacob Batalon (Reginald), Mandela Van Peebles (Maurice), Em Haine (Sarah), Savannah Basley (Angela), and more. Let’s get bloody!