Yes, you've demonstrated how we were "created by the creator to create". (That came from a song on the radio.). I like making patterns with colors. I like to make patterns with yarn. My mind says "Ooo Ooo I want to see these colors together!" And then, second after second, stitch after stitch, I crochet a granny square. My sister loves these colors too. So I make more granny squares, filling each with love, knowing my sister will love what I'm making for her. And this is how my mind, which has no physical dimensions, no physical attributes, uses my brain and fingers to create an afghan full of love. I put the afghan into a box and send my love thousands of miles away so my sister can wrap her body in the colors I brought together with her in my mind. She can feel my love. I'm grateful my body made it possible to share loving feelings with my sister. Wow, the elements cooperated and love grew. Thank you for sharing your art of word slinging John. I like your story arch work.

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I have actually played this exact game* with myself a lot, and with my more philosophical friends. It's why humans have culture, history and heritage, and we need communication to survive as a species. When we conquered the most basic of our needs, it gave us time to start thinking and dreaming beyond food and safety and shelter, and thereby invent and create art and other wondrous things.

Wait But Why has a fantastic series exploring this very idea in great depth, which is bundled up in a book, "What's Our Problem? (a self-help book for societies)", available here: https://waitbutwhy.com/whatsourproblem

I had the privilege of reading the bits going live as Tim Urban was writing it and posting it to his website, so I retain whatever my memory has chosen to let me keep, but at the moment, you need to pay to gain access to a preferred version of your choice, minus the website which might be still being worked on with a tentative deadline of sometime this year.

But as to my own thoughts, I've come to the conclusion that there is no way humans can experience objective reality, exactly because we make sense of the world through stories based off our memories of things that have happened to us in the past, and decisions we make in the present to try to strive towards a future we want to have. How wild is THAT? Temporally, we live in three different places at once, because the past informs our present which puts us on certain paths so when the future becomes our present, you can't go backwards or change to a different road.

I'm definitely game to go down this rabbit hole with you! Do you have any questions about how I see it?



* I call it a game because humans often use games as a vehicle for understanding or testing out ideas, which feels more accurate than "exercise" because I only do it for things that really interest me.

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I wrote this poem years ago. I think it is on point to your post:

Scientific Method on I-90

Along the road ahead there were foxes

or coyotes, we couldn’t tell which,

but we thought they were foxes.

They sat beside the shoulder,

alert, heads tilted,


When we reached them (to see

once and for all whether

they were foxes

or coyotes) they turned

into fenceposts. But down the road,

clear as sunlight, sat

another fox, grinning.

All the way across Montana

there were foxes.

The data proves it: In Montana

foxes (or maybe coyotes) can turn themselves into fenceposts

at will.

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Have to say, I SO look forward you your emails!! Never boring, and always, ALWAYS, daring...nay,...challenging, me to explore stuff that one doesn't ever think about! Not "woo-woo" at all; wish those that really SHOULD open their minds, would! There is no "one way" (my way or the highway).

Love the way your mind works! 😁

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Very thought provoking. In our present political climate we see the world so differently from the same input.

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Keep it coming. After all, we might all be living in a hologram. See: https://www.cnet.com/science/holographic-universe-hologram-reality-big-bang-physics/

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I think you are right and wrong. The reason why you are wrong is that objects or things existing are not based on colors shapes or sizes. It's like saying air does not exist because we can't see it. All object aren't made up of shapes size or colors but atoms which made up matter and matter can be solid, liquid or gas. Car is a solid matter which can have a definite shape which means it's a combination of different atoms. The reason why we perceive things differently is because of adaptation and survival . A dog can smell better because it's nose is adapted to do, a bat uses echolocation to 'see' because that is what its body does to survive and your friend that see a dog as harmful is because his brain is trying protect him from any potential harm. And we don't only use our eyes to see. Sometimes we can judge the things we see based on touch, the sound they make and what we've learnt about them. But hey everyone sees things differently.

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This is an interesting and thought-provoking post, which makes it a shame that the argument and most if its assumptions are fundamentally wrong and probably contradictory. 😉

You deserve a better and less-flip response than that. I'll type one up shortly.

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