Inspired as F**k

The Art of Noticing

**A Bite-Sized Podcast that Teaches You to See and Use the Creative Inspiration That's Already Around You** Trouble with the muse? Believe me, I get it. Even after 120 books and a show on Hulu, I have as much trouble “finding the magic” as anyone. But the truth is, you don’t need to seek inspiration because it’s already all around you … if you know how to see it. Each 10-minute episode of “The Art of Noticing” contains two parts: something small and almost random I noticed around me, then a creative lesson I made from it, like spinning gold from straw. Whether it’s something in the news, the rhythm of rain against the window, a bit of trivia, word from a friend, or some small tidbit I picked up somewhere, anything can be creative fuel if you can learn to see what’s in front of you. Nothing is ordinary. Everything is art! /// Find show notes, transcriptions, and multi-weekly blog posts at https://www.johnnybtruant.com
036 - That High School Student Sports Fans Suck Sometimes