Sitemap - 2023 - Inspired as F**k

Sometimes, People Suck in the Pettiest of Ways

036 - That High School Student Sports Fans Suck Sometimes

What does it mean to KNOW the past?

035 - That We Take Our History On Faith

The Ephemera - Chapter Eight

034 - How Hard Handstands Are

Embracing the Learning Curve ... in Art AND in Life

033 - That The Title Was Not Originally "Pork"

Selling Out, or Working Within Constraints?

032 - That a Water Pitcher Won't Fit Inside a Mini-Fridge

The Devil's in the Details

The Ephemera - Chapter Seven

Navigating Big Ideas by Breaking Things Down

031 - That Big Ideas Are Too Big

My Dad's UFO Fascination and the Stories We Can't Ignore

030 - That Supposedly the FBI is Looking for UFOs Now

An Image is Worth a Thousand Tales

029 - How Much I Really Wanted to Use One Specific Image

The Ephemera - Chapter Six

If You Came to My House, I Wouldn't Explain My Toaster

028 - The Way I Never Wonder How My iPhone Works

027 - That I'm In My Own Feedback Loop

The Fine Art of Self-Critiquing

026 - That the Different Ages of a Person are Like Different People

We (and Our Characters) Are a Multitude

The Ephemera - Chapter Four and Five

025 - That I Like Paperback Books More

Maybe We're Getting Tired of Things We Can't Touch

024 - That Everything is Overwhelming and Impossible Until it Isn't

If you want to learn something impossible, just keep at it

023 - That An Accent is Just Pronouncing Words Differently

It's not an accent. It's just another voice.

The Ephemera - Chapter Three

Using the Right Tools for the Job Makes All the Difference

022 - That You Need a Different Capo for a 12-String Guitar

The Ephemera - Chapter Two

021 - The Sound That is ALWAYS There

The Stuff You Never Notice That's There Anyway

The Best Reason to Write (or Make Any Art) is For Free

Context Really is Everything

020 - That Little Big Isn't Always Funny

The Ephemera - Chapter One

019 - That LeBron James Teaches Meditation

Creators and Champions Have More in Common Than You Think

Does Anyone Want to Read My Next Book As I Write It?

018 - That My Friend Was Excommunicated

Using Power and Resistance to Tell Better Stories

017 - How Mike Was Totally Creeping

The Unseen Speaks Volumes

016 - That Some Colleges Like Shorter Middle Blockers

Breaking the Mold is What Creativity is All About

015 - That Hollow Exchanges Don't Have to be Hollow

The Practice of "Seeing People for Real" is Endlessly Inspiring

014 - That Noticing is a Learnable Habit

Sharpening the Lens of Perception

013 - Why the New Whataburger is a "Digital Kitchen"

How restrictions can make your work better

012 - The Fragmenting of a Reflection on Water

Three creative lessons from a quiet morning lake

What is "WEIRD," anyway?

011 - How Weird it is that We Have Animals in Our Homes

010 - That I Always Wake Up at 3am on the Dot

Finding Patterns in Chaos

What If Making Our Art Keeps Us Young?

009 - That Musicians Stay Young

Balancing Left-Brain and Right-Brain in Storytelling

008 - That TV Acting is a Feat of Multitasking

Mama Said Knock You Out (With a Shitload of New and Ongoing Content)

007 - The Laugh Track in a Sitcom That Was There All Along

The Power of Altered Perception in Storytelling

Reality is More Fragmented Than You Think

006 - That Only a Tiny Area of Our Visual Field is Actually In Focus

Cure or Controversy?

005 - That Exercise Might Be as Effective as Antidepressants

Exploring "Emotional Limbo" in Character Development

004 - That Emotional Limbo is a Thing

The Hidden Stories of Background Characters

003 - The Name of the Waitress at the Pub

Creator Diary - HUGE changes afoot at

Your Subconscious is the Real Storyteller

002 - That Stephen King Doesn't Remember Writing Cujo

001 - That I Should Start a Podcast

We Are All Broken

Creator Diary - How to REALLY perfect a story arc

Creator Diary - New Books, New Podcast, New Venues ...

How to write a story-based "About" page for your website

How to Write a Story-Based "About" Page

Creator Diary - New and Interesting Directions

When Life Sucks, Create

The official writeup of my recent on-set shenanigans (part 2)

Creator Diary - It's Not Always Roses

Episode 5 - The Phoenix

Episode 4 - Dating and Defeat

Creator Diary - OMG, life really IS a story!

Episode 3 - Control

Creator Diary - How to focus when you're creatively all over the place

Stop being normal

Episode Two - Beginnings

The official writeup of my recent on-set shenanigans (part 1)

Creator Diary: Creative change is good!

10 Things I Learned as a Writer When My Book Became a TV Show

Episode One - Overview

Creator Diary: The Scoop

Updates on filming and learning the process

On-set report: Day Two


The Impossible Man

How I layer narratives, handle the order of reveals, manage multiple points of view and complicated timelines, and more nitty gritty

On-set and behind the scenes at Reginald the Vampire (Part 6)

Creator Diary: Update on the RTV podcast and my trip to Victoria next week

What if the world doesn't exist?

On-set and behind the scenes at Reginald the Vampire (Part 5)

On-set and behind the scenes at Reginald the Vampire (Part 5)

On-set and behind the scenes at Reginald the Vampire (Part 4)

Creator Diary: Creating complicated timelines and narratives

On-set and behind the scenes at Reginald the Vampire (Part 3)

Creator Diary: The Importance of Slacking Off

Roundtable: Will Books and Art Survive AI and Short Attention Spans?

Creator Diary: When to collaborate and when to work solo

On-set and behind the scenes at Reginald the Vampire (Part 2)

In Defense of Silliness

Creator Diary: How writing scripts is different from writing novels

Creator Diary: Unicorn Western returns!

Creator Diary: The Reginald the Vampire podcast has been officially approved

On-set and behind the scenes at Reginald the Vampire (Part 1)

Fat Vampire to Reginald the Vampire: The journey so far

Creator Diary: All the ways I've failed and felt worthless

Welcome to the show!

How Personal Themes Become Literary Themes

Creator Diary: Hulu-Day-5 update on all things Reginald the Vampire

Story is the most important thing in the world.

Creator Diary: My thoughts on the day of Reginald the Vampire's Hulu premiere

Creator Diary: Why I'm the Bob Schneider of authors

Creator Diary: I've decided to do the Reginald the Vampire (Fat Vampire) TV show companion podcast anyway

Creator Diary: Creative Co-Morbidity

Creator Diary: Should I finish Winter Break now or go back to the beginning to revise it instead?

Why are you here?

Creator Diary: I'm sciencey as HELL, yo

Creator Diary: Homage and Mash-Ups

I was right all along

Voice is Voice

Creator Diary: Silence has grammar

This is what creativity looks like

Creator Diary: When you die, you don't die with an em dash

Creator Diary: Mixing up the body language