You don't have to write only good and evil characters. "The asshole who gets away with being an asshole" can be fascinating, realistic, and infuriating…
We know the past because it's something we were told. But what if we had nothing to teach, or had reason to doubt what was out there?
I'm over here doing handstands. Feel free to learn your own weird thing, learning your own unique balancing act.
Sometimes you need to stand tall and refuse to compromise your art, but other times that's just stubborn.
Small oversights can pull people out of your story, so making an effort to get even the most inconsequential things right can reap big rewards.
Sigh ... but do I have to?
Pay attention to your obsessions. They're full of creative potential that's unique to you.
How the image I really wanted to use for this blog post turned into a bunch of story ideas.
You don't need to tell your audience how everything works in your fictional world. Really you don't.
You're going to get feedback from the world. What if as well, you learned how to gently give it to yourself?
Over time, we're change enough to almost be different people. Keep that in mind whenever you make a character.
In our fast-paced, all-digital world, tangible things might just be making a comeback.